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The Liquid Aeration Program Reduces Thatch and Relieves Soil Hardness! Our liquid organic mix is used by turf managers to reduce the need for core aeration. The program works fast to produce the results of mechanical aeration.

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Teaming With Biology


Liquid Aeration negates the hardness of  compacted soils, and reduces thatch and disease. The  results are based on research from around  the globe. With no messy cleanup of cores, no damage to irrigation lines, and with fewer hassles, Liquid Aeration reduces labor and headaches. At the same time, it allows grass to more efficiently use water and fertilizer. That  means it’s
more tolerant of drought and stays greener longer. Liquid Aeration treated turfs drain better after rain and come back fast  after overuse and damages. Treated turfs bounce back fast after the dog days of summer!
Best of all, these results come from organic products that are derived from plants and are 100% safe for people, pets, and wildlife.